The Department's primary objective is to provide a base for research in Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) within the Université Paris-Saclay.

Through a group of laboratories, the department will enable greater visibility than currently exists, and easier and more understandable input from outside the department, especially for students, researchers, and French and international universities.

Internally too, the department promotes the exchange of mutual information between laboratories, and will provide an ideal framework for the implementation of seminars and scientific events.

The Department will actively and jointly participate in the proposal and definition of cross-university programs (e.g., on scientific activities and work, transport and the environment, city and country), such as graduate initiatives, and will help support a cross-disciplinary institution, such as the MSH (Maison des Sciences de l'Homme [School of Humanities]).

Subjects in the HSS Department include almost all observational elements, which involve a broad reflection on the constitution of databases and the use of reference collections. Therefore, the pooling of what constitutes HSS amenities, such as libraries, databases and tools for processing, will help optimise their use and lead to reflection on their impact in the sub-fields involved.

The Department aims to interact mainly with the four Schools in the area that it covers: Economics and Social Sciences, Management, Humanities and Law.  It may also initiate exchanges with other departments with an interest in HSS research.

In direct relation to the most recent research developments, the Department will offer doctoral programs which may, if appropriate, be in the form of seminars, symposia and summer schools. It is supported by laboratories which conduct education through research, in connection with the graduate schools within its area.

The Department's goal is to significantly increase its exchanges with foreign laboratories and departments, with the aim of developing research and education through research partnerships with the best international universities, institutes and research centres.