The Department of Electrical, Optical and bio Engineering: materials, components and systems and EOE, structures research activities in this field. The EOE Department aims to bring together the scientific community involved in the physics and engineering of components and systems using the principles of electrical engineering, electronics and photonics.

Indeed, one of the objectives of this department is to establish a link between fundamental research and applications, particularly through technological platforms and the development of strong research partnerships.

General activities in the Department respond to major societal challenges :

  • Electromagnetic and optical telecommunications
  • Intelligent and sustainable clean transport
  • Production, transportation, conversion and management of electrical energy
  • Intelligent components, systems, microsystems and sensors for the study and protection of the environment (pollution, diagnosis, innovative processes), the sustainable city, biomedical sciences and health (lab-on-a-chip, medical imaging, etc.)
  • Renewable sources of electrical energy, and reduction of energy consumption in components and systems (sustainable development)
  • Safety and reliability of components and systems

These issues require departmental research activities to be carried out in a multidisciplinary environment. The production of complex components and systems requires intimately combining expertise in the field of electrical engineering, photonics, energy, electronics, optoelectronics, sensors, telecommunications, signal processing and automation, while interacting with biology for biomedical and therapeutic applications, chemistry, mechanical engineering, ICSTs and HSS'.

The involvement of the department, so closely linked to these societal challenges, accounts for the department's many interfaces with other departments at the Université Paris-Saclay, as well as major collaborations with industry players in such areas.