Requests for exemptions and special cases concerning PhD students, supervisors, research units, Conflict Resolution

These cases are examined case-by-case by the council of the doctoral school, or by another competent collegiate institution.

Additional information may be requested to investigate the file.

Conflict resolution

Résolution des conflits : faire appel à l'école doctorale dès que possible
Conflict resolution: use the doctoral school as soon as possible

Other cases - For PhD students

To request a derogation of time of the preparation of the thesis

To apply for a legal extension of the duration of doctoral preparation

In certain special cases (long-term sick leave, parenthood), it is possible to have an extension of the thesis provided that the request is made​.

To declare an abandonment of the preparation of a thesis

Request a Gap year

To request an exception to the degree requirement required for doctoral enrollment


Request a transfer to another etablishment

Request to modify record of thesis under preparation (STEP)



Other cases - For supervisors

Pour demander une dérogation pour diriger une thèse sans habilitation à diriger des recherches

Pour demander une dérogation à diriger plus de 5 doctorants simultanément

Pour demander une dérogation pour diriger un doctorant en dehors de son école doctorale de rattachement


Other cases - For units or research teams