La polyarthrite rhumatoïde, la plus fréquente des maladies auto-immunes, est un rhumatisme inflammatoire chronique qui entraîne une destruction progressive des articulations. C’est une maladie multifactorielle faisant intervenir de nombreux facteurs génétiques qui ne sont pas encore tous caractérisés.

Rheumatoid arthritis, the most common autoimmune disease, is a painful chronic rheumatism which leads to progressive joint destruction. This multifactorial disease involves a large number of genetic factors, not all characterized by now.

GenHotel’s goal is to determine the multifactorial determinism of rheumatoid arthritis by studying genetic and environmental factors in patients and their families. The final purpose is to contribute to new drug targets development, with a view to prevent and cure this disease. The research methodology will be extended to other diseases having a major impact on public health.

In this context, GenHotel activity is focused on characterization of genomic variants for sequence, copy number and expression, in familial samples. Furthermore, combination studies are performed on clinical, genomic and environmental data. Finally, an approach in computational systems biology is developped with the aim of regulation networks characterization

These analyses are essential for characterization of interactions between all the known risk factors of rheumatoid arthritis.

GenHotel is involved in several collaborations on the Genopole® campus, notably with Centre National de Recherche en Génomique Humaine (JF Deleuze, R Olaso, Genomics Institute/CEA, Evry), and with LaMME laboratory (C Ambroise, UEVE/CNRS/INRA). GenHotel is in close contact with several clinicians, notably F Cornélis (CHU Clermont-Ferrand), T Bardin (Hôpital Lariboisière, AP-HP, Paris) and A Finck (CHU Geneva, Switzerland). Through sharing activities, GenHotel develops several national and international collaborations which lead to research projects on rheumatoid arthritis or on other autoimmune or inflammatory/rheumatic diseases (P Migliorini, Pisa University, Italy – L Michou, CHUL Quebec, Canada – A Boudjema, Oran University USTO, Algeria – A Maalej & H Ayadi, Sfax University, Tunisia).


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Research on the genetic susceptibility to complex diseases through genomic analyses with a focus on rheumatoid arthritis


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