Institut Pascal

An international scientific hub, dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and the development of new ideas

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Our facilitation enables researchers from throughout the world to unite, establishing new collaborations, exploring both new and shared ideas and expertise, while working together on site.

Scientific Programs: 

We encourage the participation from all domains of the 'hard sciences' (and some social sciences), and engineers, in order to facilitate interdisciplinary exchanges and collaborations.

Programs 2020 and 2021
Programs 2019 and PSI2 Programs 2017, 2018 to 2019
Shorter Scientific Events

About Us

Institut Pascal comprises the Scientific Council that selects programs and steers the Institute, the Local Committee that ensure the relay with the researchers from Paris-Saclay and the Institut Pascal Administrative Team who ensure that program participants can find the best conditions during their time in the region.

Scientific Council
The Local Committee
The Institut Pascal Team and Board of Directors


The Pascal Building

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How to find the new Pascal Building

Address: Bâtiment Pascal, 530 rue André Rivière, 91400 Orsay 

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