Bandeau dept stic

The department coordinates and manages research communities at the plateau de Saclay involved in Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies.

The main objectives of the grouping of laboratories in the department are to create, within the dynamic of the Université Paris-Saclay :

  • a place for reflection and proposals related to education and research, with a particular focus on interdisciplinary aspects, a major source of challenge;
  • a place for reflection and scientific foresight in the field of IST;
  • a place for scientific activities, discussions and inter-institution cooperation in association, where applicable, with other departments, such as Mathematics, Physics, Biology, etc.
  • a place for proposed pooling of resources (education programs, equipment, etc.); most importantly a place for sharing and managing common platforms (Equipex Digiscope and FIT project, collaborative platforms, such as GERIM, Mobile Mii, Nanodesign, etc.);
  • an expert team in the field of IST for Schools (industrial and international relations, link with partnerships etc.);
  • visibility with respect to research organisations;
  • support for coordinating initiatives and resources (information flow, streamlining calls for projects, mobilising critical mass, etc.);
  • a place for scientific discussion and coordination with the IST graduate school.