André Torre, expert on territorial development, proximity and conflicts

Wednesday 17 April 2019 - Research

André Torre wears three hats: he is research director at France's National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), works at AgroParisTech and...

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PSYCHOFOOD - Interdisciplinary workshop on the psychological determinants of dietary behaviours

Wednesday 10 April 2019 - Research

As part of the funding of the Psychofood project by MSH Paris-Saclay, Antoine Nebout and Noémi Berlin of the Food and Social Sciences Unit (ALISS)...

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Le projet "TerriBio Saclay" lauréat de l'appel à projets Excellence

Tuesday 09 April 2019 - Research

Le projet "TerriBio Saclay" (Territoires d'interface et biodiversité urbaine sur le plateau de Saclay) porté par Romain Melot (UMR SAD-APT / INRA -...

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Agnès Barthélémy: Spintronics or the exponential increase in data storage density

Monday 08 April 2019 - Research

A professor at Université Paris-Sud, Agnès Barthélémy joined the team directed by Albert Fert right after its 1988 discovery of giant...

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Sidaction Day at ENS Paris-Saclay: where do we stand with HIV?

Friday 05 April 2019 - Research

On 28 March, ENS Paris-Saclay organised its 3rd Sidaction Day, research for HIV prevention. The opportunity, at the time of the official launch of...

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