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Labex LMH - Hadamard Mathematics LabEx

Laboratoire d'excellence (labex)   / Laboratoire d'excellence (labex) Article published on 10 January 2020 , Updated on 18 May 2020

A thematic opportunity, focused around life sciences and engineering.

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Overcoming the shortcomings of traditional mathematics structures

LMH aims to help overcome certain shortcomings in the French model of higher education and research. These shortcomings are, among others, a certain compartmentalisation between disciplines, often too much distance between academic research and technological innovation, and a divide between higher education institutes and universities. It includes 720 people (researchers, lecturer-researchers, graduate and postdoc students).

The LMH laboratory of excellence is based on four scientific projects and a graduate school of mathematics.

In order to achieve its objectives, the LMH LabEx proposes to develop four scientific programs with interfaces between mathematics and other disciplines, and to create a joint graduate school of mathematics among all stakeholders in the Campus Paris-Saclay. LMH is part of the Paris-Saclay initiative of excellence, and is supported by the Fondation de Mathématiques Jacques Hadamard.

The stakeholders working with the LMH LabEx, which are already or soon to be located within the perimeter of the Campus Paris-Saclay, are: Université Paris-Sud, Ecole Polytechnique, CNRS, ENS Cachan, UVSQ, IHES, CEA, INRIA, ENSTA ParisTech, and Telecom ParisTech-CNRS.

Two LMH LabEx scientific projects have been completed for immediate implementation.

Two LMH scientific projects have reached maturity and are ready for immediate implementation. These projects are based around the two main themes of the LabEx:

  • mathematics and life sciences
  • mathematics and engineering

Mathematics and Life sciences

This is an innovative research program of the LabEx involving research institutes, universities and businesses in a critical area for the future that is rapidly developing, and in which France must fully play its role. This program is also supported by a new masters education program, involving many of the stakeholders at Campus Paris-Saclay.

Mathematics and Engineering

This ambitious LMH LabEx program aims to unite traditional stakeholders in this field of research: universities, engineering schools and company R&D departments. It will achieve its objective through research-based actions and education in applied mathematics for use by engineering students and university students.

Two other projects with interfaces will be developed in the longer term at LMH LabEx, in particular:

  • mathematics and fundamental physics; and
  • mathematics and information and communication sciences

LMH will unite the stakeholders at Campus Paris-Saclay in mathematics through the Hadamard mathematics graduate school

Finally, LMH has a different kind of initiative, which is designed to unite numerous stakeholders at the Campus Paris-Saclay in mathematics around a common structure: the Hadamard mathematics graduate school.

Through the central aspect of graduate education, this structure will generate momentum by bringing together all the plateau's strengths in mathematics, both in research and education.