Published on 16 December 2014

Research laboratories of the Paris-Saclay Campus propose numerous PhD subjects, with the aim of providing cutting edge training. If you wish to join us and carry out high-level research in a remarkably rich scientific environment, have a look at our PhD proposals

The Department “Physics Of light and Matter” (PhOM) of  the Université Paris-Saclay gathers about 40 research laboratories, mostly working in the fields of:

  • optics, ultra-fast and intense laser physics,
  • diluted and condensed matter physics,
  • complex matter and statistical physics,
  • nanophysics

PhOM  laboratories are located in the Paris-Saclay Campus (in  Orsay, Palaiseau and Saclay area), 20 km south from Paris, with  easy access by public transportation.

How to proceed:

It is compulsory for a PhD student to have  financial support (salary, scholarship, grant...) at the level required by the French law. There is a variety of different financial supports, among which your potential supervisor will select with you those which are most suitable for your case.

PhD positions  usually start in October for a duration of typically 3 years. The deadlines for grant applications range from April to June, and it is usually necessary that you build up your PhD project with the laboratory starting no later than March.

Please check regularly this website for updates.