A “Société d’Accélération du Transfert de Technologies” (SATT) is a type of French company that facilitates and develops the transfer of innovations derived from public academic research to the socio-economic markets. It assists researchers, from identifying their technology project or their expertise to founding a company or a start-up. This includes studying the needs of the market, getting the invention to maturity or protecting intellectual and industrial properties.

The Paris-Saclay SATT is part of a network of 14 french SATT created with the “Investments for the Future” Programme. With an investment capacity of € 66 million over 10 years, a unique maturation fund in France, it supports 5 scientific fields as a priority, and targets 5 flourishing markets.

“Although still young, we feel that SATT Paris-Saclay is one of the most interesting organisations of Université Paris-Saclay. Its purpose is to protect technologies once they have emerged and pre-matured in the various institutions of the university, before transferring them to companies. This enables companies to be more innovative and academics to see the fruit of their research work reach the market more easily.”

Johan D’HOSE, Innovation Department Manager, Systematic Paris-Region.

The fields of the Paris - Saclay SATT
  • Mathematics, Information science, Nanotechnology
  • Engineering
  • Physics, Chemistry and Optics
  • Ecotechnologies, Energy and green and white Biotechnologies
  • Health science and Biotechnology
The target markets of Paris-Saclay SATT
  • Automobile and Transportation
  • Computer science, Telecom and Electronics
  • Low-carbon energy, Environment and green Chemistry
  • Health and Biomedecine
  • Defense and Security