Nuit Centrale Verticale is an association of CentraleSupélec which has been organising for 10 years the largest student climbing competition in France. It brings together 150 contestants and more than 400 students from CentraleSupélec and the Paris-Saclay campus, who come every year to enjoy the incredible sporting performances as well as the unique atmosphere and the other activities surrounding the competition (suspended brass band, photo competition...).

Our association has grown by creating new events, such as:

-The Nuit Centrale Verticale (NCV), our historic event, which is now the largest student climbing competition in France.
-The Centrale Vertical Games (CVG), a high-level bouldering competition in which the national French team has been participating for three years. Last year, members of the Belgian and English teams were also present.
-Vertical Team, an afternoon of team-building activities to gather the teams of the companies followed by an occasion to meet with the students, all of this with a focus on climbing.
- The Open de Bloc de Saclay (Saclay Bouldering competition), a student bouldering competition dedicated to the institutions of Université Paris-Saclay. It is our most recent event!

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