Erasmus+ : Mobility and cooperation in Europe

Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport. It is part of the Europe 2020 strategy and promotes mobility projects inside Europe and strengthens employability and skills of everyone. It also supports the innovation and the globalization of good practices in higher education, and favours the cooperation between European and non-European countries.

Lastly, it promotes a transparent and coherent use of skill validation procedures at the European level.

With a budget of 14.7 billion euros for 2014-2020, the Erasmus+ programme has 3 Key Actions and 2 specific activities.

Key Actions:

  • Key action 1 – Mobility of Individuals
    Key Action 1 supports mobility in the education, training and youth sectors of students but also of administrative and educational staff in Europe and outside Europe under some conditions. This action replaces the previous programmes Erasmus (students) and Erasmus Mundus (Joint Masters).
  • Key Action 2 – Cooperation for innovation and good practices
    Key Action 2 aims at strengthening international cooperation projects and at sharing experiences between the institutions in the fields of education and training.
  • Key Action 3 – Initiatives for policy innovation
    Key Action 3 covers any type of activity aimed at supporting and facilitating the modernisation of education and training systems.

Specific Activities:

  • Jean Monnet Activities are designed to promote excellence in teaching and research in the field of European Union studies worldwide. The activities also foster the dialogue between the academic world and policy-makers, in particular with the aim of enhancing governance of EU policies. ;
  • The Sport Chapter in the Erasmus+ Programme aims to support European partnerships on grassroots sport in order to promote the integrity of sport, to enhance governance and to tackle any kind of discrimination.
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To go further:

For more information on the Erasmus+ programme, you can check the following websites:

Erasmus+ Contacts

There are specialists of the Erasmus+ programme in each member institution who are available to give you advice and help you manage your project. Don’t hesitate to ask them!

The Office of European Affairs of UPSaclay is also at your disposal for further information.



Erasmus+ projects in the member institutions of the University Paris-Saclay


The member institutions of the University Paris-Saclay are involved in several Erasmus+ projects, whether as coordinators or as partners. We present here a list of funded projects under FP7 and Horizon2020. This list is non-exhaustive, also do not hesitate to contact us to complete it.


  • Erasmus Mundus Master Course "FIPDes (Food Innovation & Product Design)":, (coordination);
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate "EGS-ABG (European Graduate School in Animal Breeding & Genetics)":, (coordination);
  • Knowledge Alliance Erasmus + "European FooD-STA (European FooD-Studies and Training Alliance)":, (partenaire).

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