Thèmes de recherche

The long-term objective of this project is to apply high field MRI eventually combined with other neuroscience approaches, to develop physical (e.g. electric neurostimulation) and/or chemical (e.g. pharmacological delivery) devices of neuromodulation that target neuronal sites and manipulate specific aspects of cognition, motor behavior or consciousness, leading ultimately to the development of treatments for patients with related diseases (e.g. disorders of consciousness, Parkinson's disease...).
Brain imaging is a unique opportunity to monitor brain structure and function in vivo in both humans and animal models.
Using high field MRI, eventually combined with other approaches such as EEG, we aim at dissecting key neuronal mechanisms underlying consciousness and other brain functions involved in neurological disabilities. Imaging will serve as a rationale to develop specific neuromodulation tools of the identified neuronal networks and to understand their mechanisms of action. Neuromodulation tools can be invasive (e.g. deep brain stimulation) or non invasive (e.g. transcranial direct current stimulation).
Ultimately the findings will serve as a rationale for clinical trials.