Founded in the early 2000’s, MICS (former MAS) is the research laboratory in Mathematics and Computer Science at CentraleSupélec. Research at MICS is concerned with analyzing, modelling, simulating and optimizing complex systems, whether they come from an industrial environment, biosciences, financial markets, information technology or networks.

Research Axes

  • Biomathematics
    Mathematical Modelling and Statistical Inference for Biological Systems and Data. Applications to neursociences, cell biology, genetics, plant science, agronomy, epidemiology...
  • LOGIMAS: Formal methods in computer science and knowledge modelling
    Formal design of complex systems; ontologies, decisional and fuzzy logic for image interpretation; unified semantics for structured and unstructured data.
  • Quantitative Finance (BNP-Parisbas Research Chair)
    Financial market modelling; market microstructure; high frequency data; econophysics; derivatives.
  • Partial Differential Equations and Scientific Computing
    Non-smooth fluid-structure interactions; dynamics of ecosystems; interface dynamics; massively parallel computing; GPU; asymptotic-preserving numerical schemes; nonlinear wave equations.
  • Probabilistic Modelling and Statistics of Stochastic Processes
    Local regularity of stochastic processes; processes with prescribed regularity; set-indexed processes; ergodic theory; statistical properties of graphs; structured data.


Industrial systems (aerospace, construction, energy, transportation); environment (plants, hydrology, landscapes, acoustics); life sciences (molecular biology, genetics, epidemiology, health); markets and companies (finance, capital markets, business intelligence); information technology and networks (internet, multimedia, knowledge management); art and architecture (colorimetrics, virtual reality).

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