Published on 24 February 2017

The panel of education programme and research of the members of Université Paris-Saclay is situated on a territory favourable to produce social and industrial development in strategical fields such as aerospace sector, defense, security, energy, mobility, information and communication technologies, health.

In order to think about a consistent strategy when Université Paris-Saclay is settling down inside the cluster of the plateau, the Academic council of the university organized a seminar in January. 200 attendees and 35 speakers coming from academic, company or region milieu participated.

The objective was to facilitate a better rationalisation of the initiatives existing on the plateau carried out by companies, researchers (public and private), facility and their governance, relying on both social and human sciences and field experience, so as to enhance research and education: answer to societal challenges, create economic value, create jobs, help students in their professional insertion, international value.


See the page dedicated to the seminar (in French)