Published on 24 May 2018
Campus Life
Photo de l'Expo 'En Vues' © Hugo Noulin / Université Paris-Saclay

The traveling exhibition "En vues ", carried out by the students of the Offices of Arts, Offices of students and photography clubs of the Université Paris-Saclay institutions, began its tour within these!

Focused on architecture and campus life, this exhibition includes fifteen photos. 10 pictures represent the different campuses and 5 snapshots, sometimes taken from a student photo contest, are specific to the host institution of the exhibition.

All the pictures, as well as dozens of other unexposed pictures, constitute a database and can be downloaded for free under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 licence, from the site:

This traveling exhibition highlights the diversity of student life in the Université Paris-Saclay institutions. The media created specifically for this exhibition could then be reused, especially by student associations and institutions wishing to develop cycles of traveling exhibitions and enrich this first series of shots.

Photo de l'Expo 'En Vues' © Hugo Noulin / Université Paris-Saclay

© Hugo Noulin / Université Paris-Saclay


Main picture: © Hugo Noulin / Université Paris-Saclay