Published on 19 May 2017
Les TechMeetings - Deuxième édition

Université Paris-Saclay, Opticsvalley and SATT Paris-Saclay organized their Tech Meetings’ first edition around the perception of urban environment, on March 30th. These innovation meetings were back on May 18th, on the theme of biomedical photonic and imaging technologies.

'Productive', 'effective', 'successful'... Université Paris-Saclay’s Tech Meetings attracted many companies and laboratories, with a simple formula: a few hours, some short presentations and, above all, 20-minute one-on-one meetings. A speed-dating of innovation, to develop R&D partnerships.

Targeted meetings

Every three months, the university and its partners thus gather researchers and SMEs around a specific economic issue. In partnership with Synchrotron SOLEIL, the first Tech Meeting brought together 9 laboratories from Université Paris-Saclay and 10 SMEs, on March 30th. Participants presented their projects and needs around the urban environment, and in particular transport: help in driving, detection of obstacles, visibility in degraded conditions, autonomous navigation, dynamic traffic management, not to mention parking issues. At the end of this first day, several SMEs and laboratories are planning collaborations or CIFRE thesis (i.e. a thesis in a laboratory, in collaboration with a company).

Collaborations and networks

All this encouraged Université Paris-Saclay, Opticsvalley and SATT Paris-Saclay (a technology transfer acceleration firm) to launch a second Tech Meeting. It took place on May 18th, in partnership with CNRS and the Institute of Integrative Biology of the Cell (I2BC) around the photonic and imaging technologies for biomedical applications. Medical devices, early diagnosis tools and nanotechnologies shared the stage with innovative therapeutic monitoring and image analysis techniques. 11 laboratories and 9 SMEs were able to discuss, exchange, express their needs or present their product. A successful opportunity to expand a network, complete a technological surveillance or find new collaborators or clients.

3rd edition coming soon

Proud of this success, Université Paris-Saclay continues with its Tech Meetings. The next meeting is planned on July 6th and will be on the theme of the technological building blocks for additive manufacturing.

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