Published on 23 June 2017
Signature du MoU par les deux Présidents

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed on 20 June 2017 between Mr Gilles Bloch, president of Université Paris-Saclay, and Mr Lin Jianhua, president of Peking University (PKU). M Lin Jianhua was accompanied by the director of research, Zhou Hui, the executive vice-dean of the institute for human and social sciences, Qu Jingdong, and Li Yun, in charge of international relations.

This meeting brought together several representatives of UPSaclay institutions, wishing to diversify and broaden their cooperation programmes with, for Université Paris-Sud, Sylvie Retailleau, president, and Sandrine Lacombe, vice-president of international relations and, for Université Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ), Harald Schraeder, director of international relations. Were also present Jean-Luc Clément, adviser to the delegate for European and international relations and cooperation, and Philippe Ciais, senior researcher at CEA and researcher at the Laboratory for Sciences of Climate and Environment - LSCE (Laboratoire des sciences du climat et de l’environnement).

Campus tour

Following a tour of the campus, the president of PKU and the delegation were welcomed at Synchrotron SOLEIL by its director Jean Daillant, with Amina Taleb, researcher at the CNRS, and Nazaré Guimard, in charge of scientific partnerships. On this occasion, the president of PKU met Chinese researchers working on site within the framework of a research residency, and Jean-Jacques Gallet, researcher at the physical chemistry mixed research unit UMR7614 – Laboratoire de Chimie Physique – Matière et Rayonnement LCPMR, associated to the TEMPO beamline.

Reinforcing links between institutions

Second university of China according to the Shanghai ranking, PKU stands out in the field of fundamental research such as mathematics (the university ranks 1st in China), physics, and humanities. Several member institutions of Université Paris-Saclay already have connections with PKU through 2 international associated laboratories - LIA (Laboratoire international associé) in mathematics and particle physics, an agreement on the engineering curriculum with Ecole Polytechnique in the field of mathematics, and a Master student exchange programme with ENSTA ParisTech. Furthermore, the SOFIE (Sino-French Institute for Earth System Science) illustrates the joint commitment of both PKU and the LSCE (CEA, CNRS, UVSQ) to collaborate on climate and environmental sciences. Created in 2010, this virtual institute involving a network of about 50 researchers and students, coordinates common research projects and organises an annual summer school.

The signature of the MoU follows on from Gilles Bloch’s visit to PKU in December 2016. This institutional rapprochement sets a global framework for existing activities in the fields of mathematics, physics, and the environment, and will give momentum to new common actions such as student exchanges, scientific workshops, and joint Ph.D.s, to explore new subject areas of interest for both parties.


Photo de groupe réunion UPSaclay Beida

From left to right: Rosemary Mac Gillivray (UPSaclay), Harald Schraeder (UVSQ), Li Yun (PKU), Qu Jingdong (PKU), Lin Jinhua (PKU), Gilles Bloch (UPsaclay), Guillaume Garreta (UPSaclay), Jean-Luc Clément (DREIC), Zhou Hui (PKU), Sandrine Lacombe (UPSud)

Visite de SOLEIL

From left to right: Guillaume Garreta (UPSaclay), Harald Schraeder (UVSQ), Amina Taleb, Jean Daillant (SOLEIL), Pdt. Lin Jianhua, Zhou Hui, Qu Jingdong (PKU)


Visite de SOLEIL avec Jean-Jacques Gallet

The delegation at SOLEIL with Jean-Jacques Gallet

The president of Peking University with Yongfeng TONG, PhD student ISMO Université Paris Sud/SOLEIL on the TEMPO line and Jean-Jacques Gallet