Published on 23 May 2017

A Mexican delegation from Guadalajara University (GU), represented at the highest level by its President Itzcóatl Tonatiuh Bravo-Padilla, was hosted by Université Paris-Saclay.

A Mexican delegation from Guadalajara University (GU), represented at the highest level by its President Itzcóatl Tonatiuh Bravo-Padilla, with the chancellors of its 15 campuses along with department vice-presidents and directors, was hosted by Claude Chappert, Vice-President of Université Paris-Saclay, Martine Husson, Deputy Director of International Relations, Vincent Vigneron, Director of International Affairs at Université d’Evry Val d’Essonne, Jacques Pothier, Professor in American Studies and Literature at Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, as well as 3 representatives of Université Paris-Sud, Etienne Augé, Vice-President of Research and Innovation, Chantal Escudié, In Charge of Student Mobility and Hynd Remita, Director of Research at the CNRS (TEMiC – Laboratoire de Chimie Physique LCP – Chemistry Physics Lab). This visit follows on from a first meeting in January 2017 with the Vice-President of International Affairs of GU, Carlos Ivan Moreno.

The signature of the Memorandum of Understanding this day reflects the desire of this vast academic network along with Université Paris-Saclay member institutes to establish long-term relations to galvanise student exchanges, as well as that of researchers and assistant-researchers, and to explore opportunities to train students towards entrepreneurship and innovation.

This long-established institution, created in 1791, is recognised as the 2nd centre of higher education in Mexico, and irrigates a significant geographic area with campuses established within the city and throughout the State of Jalisco, in an environment conductive to the development of relations between academia and industry. First university of the country in the number of higher education programmes recognised by the National Mexican Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT), UG actively participates in the scientific development and technological modernisation of Mexico.

During the talks, the delegates of Guadalajara University expressed their wish to establish 3 to 4-week short-stay programmes for Mexican students in Université Paris-Saclay institutions and to welcome, for their part, certain students from Université Paris-Saclay. The LCP of Université Paris-Sud whose cooperation with Mexico is very active would like to facilitate exchanges at the master and doctoral level. Furthermore, innovation is a priority for GU whose representatives would like to explore the viability of a joint programme around the theme of innovation law.