Published on 17 July 2018
La délégation taïwanaise accueillie par UPSaclay

On 10 July 2018, Université Paris-Saclay welcomed thirty representatives of Taiwanese universities, among which 7 presidents, led by Cheu-An BI, the Director General of International Relations of the Taiwanese Ministry of Education. On this occasion, three partnership agreements were signed.

The most important Taiwanese delegation ever sent to Europe

32 representatives of Taiwanese universities*, among which 7 presidents, travelled to France from 8 to 10 July within the framework of the second edition of the French-Taiwanese Forum for Higher Education, organised by Campus France in Reims in the Champagne-Ardenne region on 9 July, and on the campus of Université Paris-Saclay the next day. This was the most important Taiwanese delegation ever sent to Europe, at a time when cooperation with France, which “fosters the industry of the future”, occurs at the best of times, in the words of the President of the Republic, Tsai Ing-wen.

A Francophile country, number one in Asia in the electronic industry, Taiwan is firmly turned towards innovation and internationally-minded. This is confirmed by student mobility numbers: in 2017, there were 2,500 Taiwanese students in France and 1,600 French students in Taiwan, the largest group of international students.

A first successful Forum in 2017 in Taiwan

The organisation of the second day of the Forum by UPSaclay follows on from the first edition which took place in Taiwan in March 2017 within the framework of the international APAIE (Asia-Pacific Association for International Education) conference. At the time, Université Paris-Saclay was represented in force by several member institutions (UPSud, UVSQ, ENS-PS), and 2 cooperation agreements were signed. One with National Taiwan University – NTU (tripartite Master’s double degree agreement with UPSud) and the other with National Chiao Tung University – NCTU (PhD cotutelle agreement), followed shortly afterwards by the signature of a tripartite MoU with UPSud.

Reinforced ties with the signature of 3 cooperation agreements

The delegation was invited by Université Paris-Saclay to participate in a second day of discussions in order to discover the new campus and the ecosystem of the University, in particular the innovation and transfer instruments, as illustrated by the testimonies of two start-ups, Abbelight and Daumet, the presentation of the brand new Design Spot, and the visit of several cutting-edge sites – the SOLEIL synchrotron, the Neurospin research centre for innovation in cerebral imagery, and the Nano-INNOV integration centre. The Forum was also the opportunity to develop collaborations, some already active, with several of its member institutions. UPSaclay signed a PhD scholarship agreement with the Ministry of Education – MOE (tripartite with UPSud), a Master’s double-degree agreement with National Chiao Tung University – NCTU (tripartite with UPSud), and a MoU with National Tsing Hua University – NTHU.

Bright prospects for the institutions present

Following the meetings of the day, the director general of the MOE as well as the president of FICHET (Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan), Huey-Jen SU, hailed the discussions which, according to the Director of the Taipei Representative Office in France, Meichen LU, “aroused the curiosity and the interest of the delegation […] with the certainty that the relations developed on this occasion will translate, in the future, into rich collaborations, mutually beneficial for our institutions”.

From left to right, Gilles BLOCH, President of UPSaclay, Mau-Chung CHANG, President of NCTU, and Sylvie RETAILLEAU, President of UPSud

Signature de l'accord tripartite avec le MOE

From left to right, Gilles BLOCH, President of UPSaclay, the Director General of the MOE, Cheu-An BI, and Sylvie RETAILLEAU, President of UPSud with, in the background, Guillaume GARRETA, Director of International Relations at UPSaclay

Signature de l'accord avec National Tsing Hua University

Gilles BLOCH, President of UPSaclay and the president of NTHU, Ho Cheng HONG

The delegation at Neurospin

The delegation at Neurospin, welcomed by Christophe PALLIER, Director of the Language Neuroimaging team

The delegation at SOLEIL

The delegation at SOLEIL

Headline picture: The Taiwanese delegation and the UPSaclay delegation with, at the centre, the president of Université Paris-Saclay, Gilles BLOCH. To his left, the president of FICHET, Huey-Jen SU. To his right, the president of UPSud, Sylvie RETAILLEAU and the Director General of International Relations of the MOE, Cheu-An BI.


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