Published on 19 December 2017

The Université Paris-Saclay Board of Directors voted to create the Université Paris Saclay Research Ethics and Scientific Integrity Council (POLETHIS) at its meeting on December 6, 2017 and tasked Emmanuel Hirsch, medical ethics professor at Université Paris-Sud with chairing it initially.

With POLETHIS, the field of action of Université Paris-Saclay on this theme will cover:

1. Scientific integrity network

Based on input from the scientific integrity advisors in Université Paris-Saclay institutions, this network is a forum for exchanging views, sharing experience and giving advice on what to do when there has been a lack of scientific integrity. It will also advise on recommended training for PhD students and supervisors on scientific integrity. 

2. Research ethics and scientific integrity training network

In accordance with the 2016 decree on doctoral training programs, this network provides training in research ethics and scientific integrity for PhD students registered at Université Paris Saclay. Training comprises theory and practice and is both general and specialized.

3. Think tank and research network on the ethics of research/science and on science integrity, technology transfer and prospective studies

This network promotes synergies as regards research ethics and scientific integrity among the research teams and units in the Université Paris-Saclay perimeter. Using an ideas lab approach, it organizes collaborative events, has a monitoring role and facilitates prospective studies. It contributes to training for trainers.

4. The Université Paris Saclay Ethics Assessment Committee

The remit of the Université Paris-Saclay Ethics Assessment Committee is to give advisory ethics opinions on research protocols involving human subjects, when these do not aim to advance biological or biomedical knowledge.

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