Published on 15 December 2017

On Monday, December 11th, 2017, Gilles Bloch, the President of Université Paris-Saclay, and Peretz Lavie, the President of Technion, officialised their framework agreement for cooperation which shapes and reinforces the joint actions of the two institutions. This event took place on the occasion of the annual event organised by Technion France (#TechnionConnectedWorld – Vers la Révolution 4.0 – Towards the 4.0 Revolution), organised by Muriel Touaty, the General Director of Technion France, in the presence of Valérie Pécresse, the President of the Île-de-France region.

Created in 1924, the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology is the first university and engineering school of Israel, with over 14,000 students, 60 centres of research and three Nobel prizes in Chemistry. According to the 2017 Shanghai ranking, Technion ranks 44th in the world for Engineering and 69th in the index of the world's leading academic institutions.

This joint UPSaclay-Technion agreement falls within the scope of a longstanding tradition of scientific cooperation between France and Israel. In terms of academic relations, Université Paris-Saclay, in that it represents 15% of French research, is one of the main French ecosystems involved in this partnership, of which Technion is a key player. The agreements signed previously by Technion and the members of Université Paris-Saclay, in particular Université Paris-Sud and CentraleSupélec, form the active framework for this cooperation.

The agreement will enable both UPSaclay and Technion to accelerate their joint activities by fostering mobility and reinforcing existing scientific networks. It will soon be followed by a joint PhD agreement, which will enable our two teams to strengthen their work together and give it a long lasting framework.

Cooperation in research between our two institutions is well established. For instance, in mathematics or in life sciences, for which researchers from both our institutions excel together – as reflected in the pioneering work led by Marc Humbert, a professor at Université Paris-Sud. Marc Humbert received an award in 2016 from the Fondation de France for his work on pulmonary hypertension, carried out within the framework of the International Associated Laboratory (IAL) with Technion, which he leads jointly with Sylvia Cohen-Kaminsky (CNRS/Inserm), and Professor Hossan Haick (Technion). This prestigious IAL was officially renewed on the occasion of yesterday’s event by Yves Lévy, the President of Inserm, and Sylvie Retailleau, the President of Université Paris-Sud.

The exceptional momentum in Israel, and in particular at Technion, is also remarkable in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship, two dimensions that are just as much at the heart of the Université Paris-Saclay project. This is reflected in the new academic programmes offered by the university as well as in its innovative approach to support student entrepreneurship and the emergence of start-ups. This agreement will also foster relations with Technion in this area.

According to Valérie Pécresse, President of the Ile-de-France Region, this framework agreement is “the perfect opportunity to reinforce cooperation between our two countries, and in particular between two leading areas for technology, between two tech hubs, Israel and the Ile-de-France Region. This relationship is already at the heart of partnerships that we would like to see further increase and strengthen. Currently, our Region offers advantage unequalled elsewhere and we are devoting our energy to highlight its potential.”