Published on 12 February 2019

In September 2018, as new Masters of Conferences of Université Paris-Saclay , you followed a 2-day seminar sharing and reflection on pedagogy at the university.

You could discover in workshops how to make students active, work on motivation, pedagogical alignment and different forms of evaluation. You could also reflect on the positioning and posture of a teacher-researcher in front of students with very varied backgrounds. These two days were a very rich and dynamic moment of sharing and we thank you deeply. You were "quite satisfied" at 71% and "somewhat satisfied" at 29% (34 responses out of 53 participants).

To complete the pedagogical training device during your first year of MCF, your institution offers a variety of support and training.

You will find all the courses in French in the catalog 2019.

Each course is offered by an institution, mainly to the MCFs who are recruited there, but some places are systematically open to all.