Published on 18 September 2018

Many opportunities for fluid dynamics

The dynamics of fluids is useful everywhere: in transport, fossil or renewable energies, building, industrial processes, but also in fundamental research, to understand the Earth sciences, astrophysics, and even the living! The students of the Master 2 "Dynamics of fluids and energetics" (DFE) of Université Paris-Saclay are therefore spoiled for choice in their future job. A third of them pursue a thesis, while the other two thirds include the industry, especially in large groups such as Safran, Renault, Thales or Air Liquide.

The program is rich: complex fluids and divided media, turbulence, aerodynamics, flow control, magnetohydrodynamics, but also digital tools (especially CFD software, Computational Fluid Dynamics, particularly appreciated by recruiters) and diagnostic tools. The first semester of the course is followed by a semester of internship in a laboratory or company. The courses, taught by professors from Université Paris Sud, ENSTA ParisTech, Onera and Sorbonne University, combine theory, experience and numerical simulation.