Published on 18 July 2019

A delegation from Osaka University, led by its president, Dr. Shojiro NISHIO, was welcomed at Université Paris-Saclay on 8 July.


Osaka University – 4th university of research in the country

Initially a medical school created in 1880, Osaka University (also known as Handai) was raised to the rank of imperial university in 1931. 4th university of research in the country today (ARWU 2018), particularly strong in the areas of physics, astronomy, medicine and engineering, Osaka University is laureate (group A) of the Top Global University programme which aims at reinforcing the openness and competitiveness of the best Japanese universities on an international scale.


The new campus of the ENS Paris-Saclay and Digiscope, equipment of excellence

The visit was the opportunity for the delegation to discover the futur campus of the ENS Paris-Saclay. The school will be leaving its campus in Cachan, just south of Paris, and will be opening its doors to its students in Saclay in April 2020. The new campus stretching over 64,000 sq.m, imagined by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, will be open to over 3,000 people, normaliens students, PhD students, teachers, teacher-researchers, researchers and administrative and technical staff alike, representing 12 academic departements, 13 laboratories of research and 3 interdisciplinary research institutes. The bioclimatic building will be home to a restaurant, a 500-seat auditorium shared with CentraleSupélec and Université Paris-Sud, as well as the Scène de recherche, a space for exploration and sharing around the big challenges at the crossroads of art, science and society.


The president of Osaka University was also welcomed at Digiscope. Equipment of excellence implemented by the Laboratory for Research in Computer Science (Laboratoire de recherche en Informatique – LRI), Digiscope is a network of high-performance platforms for interactive visualization of large datasets and complex computation. Distributed throughout Université Paris-Saclay, Digiscope's ten rooms are interconnected via a telepresence network that supports remote collaboration. Anticipated applications include scientific research, computer-aided design, decision support systems, and education.


Historic links in research

Today’s visit marks the ninth institutional meeting between our two universities with, since 2016, 4 visits to Japan and 4 delegations welcomed at UPSaclay, not counting the many researcher and student exchanges. Osaka University enjoys close ties with the founding members of Université Paris-Saclay, particularly in research, which has given rise to the creation of two international associated laboratories (LIA – Laboratoire International Associé), the LIA NSP French-Japanese International Associated Laboratory for Nuclear Structure Problems (created in 2007 and renewed twice) and the LIA NanoSYNERGETICS (photoactive materials), created in 2017 and coordinated by the ENS Paris-Saclay on the French side. This has also led to the establishment of an international research network IRN Matter in extreme conditions-application to planetary physics.


Osaka University has several student exchange agreements in engineering with the ENS Paris-Saclay, the Institut d’Optique Graduate School and Université Paris-Sud. Collaborations are now been extended to other areas such as law, political sciences, chemistry and material physics. Following the MOU signed with Université Paris-Saclay in 2017, a co-tutelle agreement is being finalised with the Osaka Graduate School of Engineering.


Headline picture: the president of Osaka University, Dr. Shojiro NISHIO, the president of Université Paris-Saclay, Prof. Sylvie Retailleau, the president of ENS Paris-Saclay, Prof. Pierre-Paul Zalio



Visit of the future building of the ENS Paris-Saclay


Visit of the Digiscope: (from left to right) Ms. Ryoko Minato, Deputy Chief of International Affairs (OU), Dr. Cédric Fleury, Assistant Professor (LRI), Ms. Mariko Eguchi, Chief of International Affairs (OU), Mr Kenji Sumiyoshi, Director International Affairs (OU), Prof. Mayumi Ishikawa, Director of the Center for Global initiatives, Dr. Olivier Chapuis, Deputy Director of the LRI, Dr. Shojiro Nishio, President of Osaka University, Prof. Pierre-Paul Zalio, President of the ENS Paris-Saclay, Dr. Genta Kawahara, Vice-President for International Relations, Prof. Keitaro Nakatani, Vice-President for Research (ENS-PS), and Yujiro Okuya, PhD student at the LRI