Published on 21 September 2018
Langues et cultures

QuiProQuo is a new web series created and acted in English by Université Paris-Saclay students. The cinema workshop is open to students as a club activity. The first workshop was managed by the English Theatre Club of Telecom-ParisTech,THANG, with the support of their film club, COMETE. The aim of QuiProQuo is to prevent potential misunderstandings in an intercultural context. The students write the scenarios after some training and then act them out in small groups before learning editing skills. The workshop is led by the director-actor-comedian Krishna Bagadiya trained at the prestigious Polish Film School.  It is held weekly in the second semester.

See the épisode # 1 :

Jibé is dating a Muslim girl who is observing the fast during the holy month. He does his best to show respect towards her religion by not eating or drinking in front of her.