Published on 24 July 2019

Université Paris-Saclay maintains its support in favour of the Erasmus+ programme by training around thirty staff members from its member institutions.

On June 4th, the International Relations and European Affairs teams were gathered to deepen their knowledge of the Erasmus+ programme. This training was organised by the European Affairs Office of UPSaclay in order to help administrative staff guide academics on Erasmus+ funding opportunities.

Indeed, Erasmus+ mobility opportunities are well known but other possibilities are less prevalent. The aim was thus to offer a presentation both on the Erasmus+ philosophy and on the different Erasmus+ funding opportunities, which are important resources to foster the internationalisation of Higher Education institutions.

During the plenary session, an introduction to the big challenges of the Erasmus+ programme as well as a presentation of its general architecture allowed participants to benifit from a global vision of the programme. Two workshops then introduced specific international opportunities (International Mobility Credits and Capacity Building) and teaching opportunities (Strategic Partnership and Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree).

This training was led by managers in charge of Erasmus+ projects within the member institutions. Participants appreciated the training and highlighted the quality of the content. At the end of the day, they considered themselves able to guide academic staff on Erasmus+ funding opportunities. The objective of the training, which brought together participants from seven member institutions, was thus achieved. The diversity among participants was also symbolised by the variety of positions (Mobility Officers, European Projects Managers, Head of International Office in the faculties…).

This success was due to the joint work among the insitutions to enable everyone to benefit from the different areas of expertise of member institutions on Erasmus+. Another step towards the development of an innovative and international university.

The next stage to inform academic staff about different Erasmus+ opportunities will take place during the ErasmusDays at Université Paris-Saclay on October 10th. Led by academic staff, this event will aim to foster the submission of Erasmus+ projects at the beginning of 2020.

Erasmus+ Training Committee of UPSaclay: Anne-Lise Braesch, European Projects Officer, UPSud, Chiara Penon, European Projects Officer, AgroParisTech - Anne-Hélène Picot, Erasmus+ coordinator, CentraleSupélec - Eva Renouf, Manager of Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree  SERP+, UPSud -  Fanny Soares, European Projects Officers, UPSaclay - Patrick Wold, International Projects Officer, UVSQ.

Speakers at Erasmus+ Training: Anne-Lise Braesch, European Projects Officer, UPSud - Marine Godaux, Head of European Affairs Unit, AgroParisTech - Chiara Penon, European Projects Officer, AgroParisTech - Eva Renouf, Manager of Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree, UPSud - Harald Schraeder, Director of International Relations, UVSQ - Fanny Soares, European Projects Officer, UPSaclay.

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