Published on 6 October 2015

 Through measures carried out on 1245 European forests, an international scientific collaboration, including researchers from the Laboratory of Climate Sciences and the Environment  Laboratoire des sciences du climat et de l’environnement(CEA / CNRS / UVSQ), demonstrates that the emergence of the first leaves in spring is less sensitive to global warming over the past fifteen years.

The greening of forests is observed more and more early, but the trend now seems to be slow early, moderating the idea of ​​a strong elongation of the vegetation growing season under the effect of future warming.

This decrease in the sensitivity of the first leaves appear to global warming could come from winter temperatures warmer for the period 1999-2013 for the period, which would shift the dormant season of trees.
This study is the first empirical demonstration of a revegetation sensitivity decline of forests in Europe to climate change.

Reference : Declining globalwarming effects on the phenology of spring leaf unfolding, Yongshuo H. Fu, Nature, octobre 2015