Published on 26 October 2018

Following the departure of  Didier Clouteau, Tenure Professor at CentraleSupelec and coordinator of the "international" axis of the doctoral college at the University of Paris-Saclay,

We are glad to welcome Rachid Bennacer, Tenure Professor at l' École Normale Supérieure (ENS) Paris-Saclay.


He will coordinate:

  • Negotiation of individual agreements of international thesis co-supervisors in collaboration with thesis directors, doctoral schools, laboratories, etc.  
  • UPSaclay's doctorate internationally (organizing our presence in international trade shows and during visits by foreign delegations),
  • IDEX program for the co-financing of international thesis co-supervisors (ADI 2019), 
  • UPSaclay's network of "ambassador doctors" in foreign universities

For all subjects and questions related to international thesis co-supervisors, please use the following address :

To contact him personally at his new address :


Procedure for establishing international thesis co-supervisors has been slightly adapted.

If you had a project for an international thesis co-supervisor, the thesis director will have to submit an online request on the interface of  Paris-Saclay University, however it will be necessary to upload a letter from the doctoral school indicating that the candidate has been admitted to enroll (favourable opinions from the ED, the laboratory and the thesis director).

More information : node/8618


Welcome to Rachid Bennacer,

With all our thanks for the involvement of Didier Clouteau, his predecessor, for the work done during this transitional period between the departure of Anne-Marie Brass and the arrival of Rachid Bennacer