Published on 24 August 2017

The experts of MIT Technology Review have selected 10 young French talents that will build our future. Among these 10 entrepreneurs under 35, 5 are graduates of one of the founding members of Université Paris-Saclay.

Morgane Barthod & wind energy

A graduate of École polytechnique, Morgane Barthod has created Meteo*Swift, a startup that can forecast the wind electricity generation, thanks to artificial intelligence and big data. A good way to make wind energy more reliable, compared with the more constant in time nuclear energy.

Clémence Franc & cancer

A graduate of HEC Entrepreneurs, Clémence Franc co-founded NovaGray which improves the lives of cancer patients: the company allows to identify which patients are risking heavy side effects following radiotherapy, in order to better personalize the treatment.

Sidarth Radjou & medical errors

Graduated from École Centrale de Paris (now CentraleSupélec), Sidarth Radjou is co-founder of Biomodex. This company can reproduce the organs of a patient identically with 3D printing, so that surgeons can practise before an operation. The goal is to reduce the rate of medical errors.

Antoine Noël & lower back pain

A graduate of HEC, Antoine Noël co-founded Japet Medical Devices. Connected to a mobile application, their Atlas exoskeleton decompresses the spine to help people suffering from lower back pain to follow a series of exercises. Patients can thus properly develop the muscles in their back and relieve the pain.

Hugo Mercier & insomnia

Graduated from École polytechnique, Hugo Mercier runs the Rythm company, which created the Dreem device to improve sleep quality. By sending auditory stimulations, this headband modulates the brain activity and prolongs deep sleep phases.

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