Published on 12 October 2018

With the "Ma recherche bibliographique, ma synthèse ou état de l'art & moi" series (Bibliographic research, bibliographic essay and state of the art) Université Paris-Saclay is offering Master’s students who need to write a bibliographic essay a new online learning tool, to support them in bibliographic research and bibliographic essay writing.

The development of these learning videos has been jointly led by documentation professionals and lecturers.

The videos have been grouped into 3 playlists. They provide additional support in class-based teaching and enable students to self-train in French or English, using a phone, tablet or computer.  Further videos will be produced for PhD students and young researchers, focusing on support for publication, in the same short, online format. 

Playlist 1 : Bibliographic essay

What is a bibliographic essay?
How to choose a research topic
Where to start your bibliographic research
Reading notes, how to analyze a document
How to present a bibliographic essay

Playlist 2: Bibliographic research

Key words: how to find them
Google and Wikipedia, how to use them
FOCUS, how to access documents
How to use bibliographical databases
What is an open archive?
Which sources for a given discipline?
How to be more effective in key word searches
Documentary research: 3 tips on how to reduce the number of results
How to manage your bibliography 

Playlist 3: Becoming a research author

Disseminating your research: potential pitfalls
Copy and paste, beware of plagiarism
How to structure a scientific article
What are research social media for ?

The 20 videos will be freely accessible to all and further videos on disciplinary aspects or for PhD students will be added to the playlist soon.

You can watch the videos on:
the University website