Published on 29 November 2018

The "Cafés CADITHE", a French acronym for Thesis Directors and Supervisors Cafés, are intended to allow thesis supervisors from Université Paris-Saclay to share experiences, address emerging issues related to doctoral supervision and discuss the challenges faced in their mission while sharing possible solutions.

The first session planned for January 17 will address the issue of loss of confidence in doctoral students when faced with new challenges in their research work.

The "Cafés CADITHE" will be held every month on a predefined topic, in a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere. Depending on the topic, a guest speaker will be invited to introduce each session by a short speech shedding light on the context and issues—the idea being to focus on sharing experiences between participants.

Each session will be summed up in a report that will be widely disseminated, thus forming a compendium of resources for the entire community.

The themes to be addressed in 2019 are as follows:

  • January 17th: when students lose confidence
  • February 21st: conflict management
  • March 21st: the challenges of internationalisation
  • April 18th: recruiting students
  • May 23rd: the digital transition
  • June 20th: writing a thesis: opportunities and pitfalls
  • July 4th: the challenges of diversifying doctors' careers
  • September to December: the themes will be defined with the participants of previous sessions.

Participation is free of charge. Maximum 30 participants per workshop.

Only by registration