Published on 4 March 2015
Cantor Digitalis

On February 20th in Atlanta, Cantor Digitalis -a voice synthesizer controlled in real time by manually gesture- won the 1st prize of the Margaret Guthman Musical Competition. This prestigious competition annually recognizes the best technological innovations in music.

Cantor Digitalis stems from research on gestural control of voice synthesis initiated in 2005 at LIMSI (Informatics Laboratory for Mechanics and Engineering Sciences) by Christophe d'Alessandro, a CNRS searcher.

This voice synthesizer comes in the form of a tablet and offers a wide variety of voices, from classical vocal quartet to extreme color children's voices, hoarse, etc. The instrument is subject to regular demonstrations in particular within the Chorus Digitalis, the first choir in the world made of synthetic voice, as well as in cultural events (Science Festival, Curiositas...).

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