Published on 21 September 2017

Plug In Labs is an online platform to help SMEs and other companies identify the scientific expertise they need at Université Paris-Saclay and connect to the right laboratories. Launched in December 2015 with funding from IDEX and the French national fund for technology transfer, the project is run by Université Paris-Saclay and SATT Paris-Saclay. Eventually, the platform will integrate more than 300 university laboratories and several hundred core facilities.

Université Paris-Saclay and SATT Paris-Saclay inaugurated their web portal “Plug in labs Université Paris-Saclay” at 11am on September 26, 2017 at WAI Massy Saclay.

“Plug in labs” is a tool to promote local public research and connect companies with laboratories, in the aim of multiplying collaborative projects and technology transfer in the Université Paris-Saclay ecosystem.

First started in 2014 in Brittany and since implemented in the Pays de Loire, this tool is designed to be rolled out across other parts of France and Europe, with the goal of creating a national repository of research and industry matchmaking platforms.

By pooling their efforts and tools, Université Bretagne Loire and Université Paris-Saclay are strengthening both their respective initiatives and the link between public research institutions and companies. Their collaboration will also increase the visibility of innovation activities and projects in the two regions.

The “Plug in labs” online service platform is now a strategic means to promote a wide range of resources, activities and events for a whole community. The goal is also to federate a large number of institutions and regions in order to create a “Plug in labs” user club. Finally, the availability of shared, coherent tools will enable them to exchange best practices for promoting public research, innovation and technology transfer to business and industry.

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