Published on 23 January 2018
Campus Life
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Focus is a platform which lets users explore the full range of electronic and print resources available through Université Paris-Saclay libraries and documentation centers, all in one go.

Focus offers a single entry point search that anyone can use. The interface lets you identify and explore all print and electronic resources available at Université Paris-Saclay libraries and documentation centers: online articles, books, ebooks, journals, dissertations, etc. Users can choose to view materials available at all institutions or refine their search to one or several institutions.

The platform is designed to offer students, faculty and staff a high-performance search engine that covers the physical and e-collections of all Université Paris-Saclay member institutions in their entirety. Users can see if the information is available, what format it is in and where they can find it. To facilitate students’ research experience even further, shared access allows them to visit all Université Paris-Saclay libraries and documentation centers and access, use and borrow the materials found on the platform, which include the doctoral dissertations from the whole of Université Paris-Saclay and all articles in the HaL collection.

The catalogs and databases of nine institutions are already available on Focus. Eventually, in the spring of this year, the resources of all Université Paris-Saclay institutions will be included.

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