Published on 26 February 2019

Université Paris-Saclay is launching a new training course for its PhD students focused on the valorisation of innovative research projects.

The new vocational training course "Valorisation of innovative research projects: from the concept to the market” provides PhD students from Université Paris-Saclay with the key skills to valorise the results of research, in other words to develop a project from the laboratory to the launch of an innovative product or service on the market.

The first module of this course will take place on March 19th and will be an introduction to the valorisation of research, its stakes, its players and the various forms it can take. The day will end with a roundtable involving young PhDs and doctoral students who have decided to work in this field.

The training course will take place over the space of 5 months, at a rate of 2 days per month for a total of 10 modules. During each session, PhD students will be able to put into practice the concepts and skills developed during the day (quizzes, group workshops, role plays ...).

The modules will be led by valorization specialists, intellectual property consultants, maturation project managers, lawyers, experts (in European projects, business intelligence, leadership ...) and a young entrepreneur doctor. These speakers are currently working within the Innovation department of Université Paris-Sud, at the SATT Paris-Saclay, the IPAZ Intellectual Property Advisory Board, and the CNRS.

The 10 modules of the 2019 session:

  • March 19: An introduction to the valorisation of research
  • March 20: Intellectual property
  • April 16: Marketing innovation
  • April 17: Partnerships and their contractual formalization
  • May 21: Technology transfer
  • May 22: The basics of negotiation
  • June 18: Project management
  • June 19: Business and economic intelligence
  • July 9th: Leadership and management
  • July 10: Valorisation and business creation

Participation is free of charge.

20 people maximum per module.

Register: Via the ADUM platform ("Valorization and support of research" thread)