Published on 24 September 2018
Egalité - Diversité - Handicap

The “Femmes & Sciences” (Women & Science) association and Université Paris-Saclay’s doctoral college have joined forces to launch a mentorship program, in order to support women PhD students at Université Paris-Saclay in building their careers.

The mentorship program is the first in a series of projects to be implemented, following a 2018 Université Paris-Saclay survey on the professional future of doctors, which revealed inequalities in remuneration and access to employment between men and women. 

A key feature of the program is that it is based on establishing groups of two people, with a mentor supporting a female mentee. Pairings based on affinities take place during a speed-meeting, but mentor and mentee must not be based in the same entity. Their interaction can focus on the mentee’s career objectives, her questions and challenges, or any other issue she wishes to address, depending on her needs.

There are four elements to the mentorship program:

  • individual monthly exchanges with a mentor;
  • topic-based discussion groups, such as work/life balance, a career in academia/the private sector, a career in France/abroad, lack of self-confidence;
  • professional development group workshops, such as a recruitment interview in the private sector, a postdoc abroad, professional network development tools;
  • women scientists sharing their experiences and career choices.

It forms part of the Université Paris-Saclay Doctoral College

training programs to help doctors prepare for their future careers.
A round table on women and PhD studies is to take place at the PhD Talent Career Fair in Paris on October 5, during which Marina Kvaskoff, head of the program, will be presenting the mentorship program and answering questions from participants.

Doctors working in the public or in the private sector who would like to contribute to the program as mentors are invited to register before November 1.