Published on 25 June 2019

The IN2P3 Andromeda scientific platform (Equipex ANR 10-EQPX-23 project) has been operational since 2016. It is unique in the quality and range of high energy beams (MeV) it delivers, from proton to gold nanoparticles several hundred atoms.

Backed by the scientific and technical skills of Paris Saclay University, it is open to the academic and industrial worlds in the fields of biology, biochemistry, astrophysics and astrochemistry, molecular chemistry and chemistry-physics of materials.

This platform is currently used for very low energy nuclear cross-section measurements or for the study of molecular-gas interactions in astrochemistry. An important part of the research is the use of micro-beams of aggregates and nanoparticles which are particularly effective for studies of changes in materials, synthesis under radiation, and for the analysis of various sample surfaces with mass spectrometry and ion imaging.
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