Published on 25 September 2018
Logo de l'émission La bonne graine

La Bonne Graine (a French expression meaning “promising young talents”), an original podcast produced by Binge Audio with Université Paris-Saclay, gets to know 8 new Master’s students.

The program was launched in October 2017. Using stimulating real-life stories, its aim is to give a true picture of how students experience their Master’s programs.

They each in turn talk of their experiences to Victoire Tuaillon, from their home, their lab or their place of research. They speak of what they are passionate about, their successes, their background, what they aspire to next, the choices they have made. Their stories tell of the many twists and turns along the way: overcoming failures, experiencing success, formulating hopes and also doubts.

Young people are increasingly qualified and the way they design their education and enter the labor market is not the same as in previous generations.  Which is why it felt important to hear from the students themselves.

Victoire Tuaillon: “I found each of these conversations fascinating. Academic choices – which discipline, which Master’s, which thesis topic – are also life choices, shaping destinies. What should you be spending your time and energy on ? How can you find your place in the world? How do you know you are on the right track? What do you want your work to represent?'' 

I was impressed by the people I met. Interviewees’ backgrounds are even more diverse in this new season, which goes to show that nothing is pre-ordained when studying; pretty much anything is possible. Sybille started her career as a worker on an assembly line and she now holds a Master’s diploma! Based in Benin where he grew up, Arnaud secretly applied to a Master’s in complex systems engineering, an area in which he is now working successfully. Simon thought he would become a doctor, but his full talent was revealed in biomechanical research.”

The program is produced under the editorship of Julien Cernobori, creator of the Superhéros series and director of the Binge Audio Histoires vraies (True stories). It was directed and mixed by Théo Boulenger and François Clos composed the original theme music.

La Bonne Graine is produced by Binge Audio with Université Paris-Saclay and broadcast on, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify, Deezer, all Android podcast apps via SubscribeOnAndroid and via flux RSS, you will also find it on  Facebook and Twitter.

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