Published on 21 February 2017
Doctoral School

The 5000 PhD students of Université Paris-Saclay and partner companies of its institutions are invited to inaugurate the two new PhDs training courses tracks of Université Paris-Saclay that focus on trade and companies, from consulting to expertise, on February 23rd 2017.

The event is organized by Télécom Paris-Tech, Télécom SudParis and CentraleSupelec, in partnership with Cap Digital. It will begin with a presentation of the PhD training courses of Université Paris-Saclay and the two new created tracks : "R&D in companies" and "Consulting and expertise in innovation".

The "R&D in companies" track has for objective to prepare PhD students to work in companies as R&D researchers, managers or intrapreneurs. The "Consulting and expertise in innovation" track is open to future PhD who want to become high experts (often requested by leaders of large companies).

At the end of these presentation, conferences and a face-to-face session companies-PhD students will be organized, with representatives from AIR LIQUIDE SA, ADOC TALENT MANAGEMENT, Axelor, AYMING, BANDPAY & GREUTER, CEA, Google, IBM France Lab, NzhinuSoft, MillionRoads, SAFRAN, TE-OX, Thales and TNP Consultants.