Published on 1 June 2018

Professor of law and director of the ‘VIP’ (Research Center Versailles Saint-Quentin public institutions), Jean-Paul Markus joined the UVSQ in 2006. He was also, until now, co-director of the Paris Saclay Master's degree Health Law, and Director of the Public Law Department. He succeeds Laurent Willemez, professor of sociology at the UVSQ and director of the PRINTEMPS laboratory, who was the director of the Humanities and Social Sciences department at Paris-Saclay University for 5 years.

The mission of Jean-Paul MARKUS at the head of the Humanities and Social Sciences department will be to develop the links between the 34 laboratories and 1000 faculty spread over the territory of Université Paris-Saclay in order to pursue a quality research.

Aware that there can not be a large university Paris Saclay without a strong Humanities and Social Sciences department, he aims to make laboratories that develop the same research themes work together, to encourage interdisciplinarity within the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences but also to create new interactions between Humanities and Social Sciences and other disciplines, including scientific ones, such as the ACE-ICSEN project (environmental and social changes).

Research axes allowing this interdisciplinarity have already been identified, such as Heritage or Health for example.

The election of Jean-Paul MARKUS is concomitant with that of André TORRE at the head of the MSH (House of Human Sciences) of Paris-Saclay. The management of the Humanities and Social Sciences department will be installed near the MSH, in the building of the ENS Paris-Saclay.