Published on 12 December 2017
Jean Jouzel en 2010 @Siren-Com via Wikipedia - CC-BY-SA-3.0

On December 5, 2017, the plenary assembly of the Académie des Sciences elected eighteen new members, including Jean Jouzel.

Jean Jouzel is director of research emeritus at CNRS, Laboratoire des sciences du climat et de l'environnement (Laboratory of Climate and Environmental Sciences) (LCSE, CEA / CNRS / UVSQ). He has just been elected to the Académie des Sciences, in the section of Science of the Universe. PhD from Paris-Sud University, he completed his thesis at CEA Paris-Saclay (at the time, CEA Saclay) in which he will spend a large part of his career. Climatologist and glaciologist, he studies the evolution of the climate.

Since 1994, the researcher worked as expert for the Groupe d'experts intergouvernemental sur l'évolution du climat (GIEC) (Intergovernmental Experts on Climate Change), of which he became vice-president in 2002. From 2001 to 2008, he also directed the Institut Pierre-Simon-Laplace which includes the LSCE.

Jean Jouzel received highest scientific distinctions. In 2002, he won the CNRS gold medal, jointly with Claude Lorius (CNRS): the two scientists are the first to have demonstrated the link between the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases and the evolution of the climate. In 2007, Jean Jouzel is co-laureate of the Peace Nobel Prize on behalf of the GIEC. Among other prizes and awards, the climate expert also received the Vetlesen Award in 2012, a prize often considered as the Nobel Prize for Earth and Universe Sciences, for constructing the longest climatic record ever obtained from ice cores.

On December 5, 2017, he joined the Académie des Sciences, which now has 273 members, 126 international associates and 81 correspondents.

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