Published on 13 February 2019
Meet My Platform Sciences de la Vie

Eighty-four collaborative platforms and several dozen companies gathered for Meet My Platform, an event held on January 31st at CentraleSupélec, on the Gif-sur-Yvette campus. This first day of meetings revolved around the topic of life sciences. It revealed the immense technological potential of Université Paris-Saclay and the Genopole.

The event was true to its mission by offering a comprehensive overview of life sciences platforms and their state-of-the-art equipment. The conversations and meetings involved 270 participants throughout the day and have largely helped re-energize the platform networks in the south of Paris.

Meet My Platform Sciences de la Vie vue de l'amphithéatre


The plenary session brought together 175 participants. Three local industrialists (Laurent Chene, Head of Drug Discovery at Enterome; Georges Da Violante, Metabolism Department Manager at Servier; and Artem Khlebnikov, Partnership Strategy Director at Danone) have highlighted how valuable this pool of platforms is to them. Their proximity allows for combining of cutting-edge technologies and access to unique know-how.

  • Laurent Chene from Enterome said, “At the Genopole, we found an environment that is conducive to research – it gathers high-quality equipment, but also skilled individuals. This environment inspires confidence among industrials, and has contributed to the signing of a big contract.”
  • Beyond the richness of the platforms discovered at Université Paris-Saclay, Artem Khlebnikov from Danone also discovered “a large community that converses and is becoming more structured.” He stressed the importance, for large groups, of “being close together and sharing experiences.”
  • Georges Da Violante is looking forward to the future consolidation of Servier’s R&D in Paris-Saclay and wishes to be among the scientific actors of the cluster. He is particularly interested in the collaborative opportunities encouraged by the platforms.

In the afternoon, around the booths, 138 platform representatives presented their equipment and expertise to corporate and academic representatives. Through formal meetings, they were able to discuss collaboration opportunities and discover high-potential equipment.

"This first edition was inspired by the Genopole Platforms Days,” said Julien Picot, platform manager at the Genopole. "We are very pleased to have extended the concept through a partnership with the platforms of Université Paris-Saclay, of which those of Genopole are an integral part. We are ready to co-host Meet My Platform again next year, as this event contributes to the dynamics of existing thematic networks in the south of Paris, while fostering the emergence of new ones.”

"For the Department of Life Sciences, bringing together so many platforms for this first edition was a real success,” said Frédéric Dollé, correspondent for life sciences platforms.

The event was organized by Genopole and the Life Sciences Department at Université Paris-Saclay, with the support of Medicen Paris Region, SATT Paris-Saclay and CentraleSupélec. This first event will lead to many more around other scientific fields, such as chemistry and physics.

All life sciences platforms at Université Paris-Saclay, including the Genopole platforms, are referenced and accessible on Plug-in Labs Université Paris-Saclay (, a connective mapping tool developed by Université Paris-Saclay

Watch the video of Meet My Platform:


Photos : © C. Hameau / Université Paris-Saclay