Published on 15 March 2017

On March 14, the foundation stone was laid for the new École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay building on the Moulon campus. The School is scheduled to open in its new premises in September 2019.

French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research Thierry Mandon laid the foundation stone of ENS Paris-Saclay's new buildings. Maud Olivier, deputy for Essonne, Michel Bournat, mayor of Gif sur Yvette and chairman of the Paris-Saclay conurbation authority, and David Ros, mayor of Orsay, were in attendance. 

In his speech, the prime minister highlighted the international dimension of Université Paris-Saclay. “We can make France a world leader in the new knowledge economy, as long as we manage to organize ourselves effectively and provide the necessary means,” he said. For his part, Mr. Mandon stressed that “the Université Paris-Saclay project is a self-evident one,” but that it remained “to make self-evidence a strength”. Pierre-Paul Zalio, president of ENS Paris-Saclay, added that Université Paris-Saclay has “everything going for it”.

There must be only one world-class university on the Saclay plateau and every institution there must take part in its creation, even if they each integrate it at their own pace. (French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve)

Plan du nouveau bâtiment de l'ENS Paris-SaclayThe new ENS Paris-Saclay building will be located in the heart of the future campus of Moulon, over nearly three hectares. This move is planned as part of the establishment of the new campus, but also aims to foster close contact between students, researchers and innovators. Delivery of the building is scheduled for April 2019, and the School should have moved in for the start of the 2019 academic year. Underpinning the architectural design for the building by Renzo Piano Building Workshop is the desire to “build the ENS of the 21st century” as Professor Zalio said in his speech. The design underscores the importance of interdisciplinarity and the fundamental interconnection between teaching and research in the School’s approach.


Discours du Premier Ministre Bernard Cazeneuve à l'inauguration ENS