Published on 19 December 2017

Between November 17 and December 14, 2017, the Boards (CA) of IHES, Ecole normale supérieure Paris-Saclay, University Paris-Sud, AgroParisTech, Versailles University Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, University of Evry-Val-d’Essonne, comUE UPSaclay, CEA, CentraleSupélec, Institute of Optics Graduate School and INRA submitted to the vote the new target model of the University Paris-Saclay. All these institutions Boards have approved the document “University Paris-Saclay Target Model “. The new Paris-Saclay University is now under processing.

This report describes the plan for transformation of the Université Paris-Saclay ComUE (Communauté d’universités et d’établissements) into a full-fledged university that retains the Université Paris-Saclay brand name. This model will constitute a new type of university system, based on the synergies and combined strengths of institutions that represent the best of France’s three types of higher education and research institution: universities, grandes écoles and national research organizations. The university will be research-intensive and is intended to rank among the world’s top 20; it will meet students’aspirations in terms of diverse and personalized course offerings, and those of companies in terms of qualifications, employability and innovation.

In view of the French President’s announcement on October 25, 2017 of the creation of a second higher education and research cluster on the Paris-Saclay plateau, this document assumes that Université Paris-Saclay 2020 will involve three universities (Paris-Sud, Versailles Saint-Quentin- en-Yvelines and Evry-Val-d’Essonne), four “grandes écoles” (AgroParisTech, CentraleSupélec, ENS Paris-Saclay, IOGS) and seven national research organizations (NROs). HEC should position itself later.

This document was therefore submitted to the governance of the “Paris-Saclay University” committee on December 6th and its member institutions to motivate the deliberative decision-making decisions prior to the submission of the IDEX evaluation report Monday, December 18th, 2017.


  • ComUE UPSaclay: 18 for, 2 against, 5 absentions (06/12/17)
  • IHES: unanimity (17/11/17)
  • UEVE: 22 for, 3 against, 2 abstentions (05 /12/17)
  • ENS Paris-Saclay: 20 for, 4 against (01/12/17)
  • CEA: unanimity and 2 absentions (13/12/17)
  • Paris-Sud University: 25 for, 5 against, 3 abstentions (04 /12/17)
  • CentraleSupélec: 27 for, 5 against (14/12/17)
  • AgroParisTech: 27 for, 9 against, 6 abstentions (04/12/17)
  • Institut d’Optique Graduate School: unanimity (14/12/17)
  • UVSQ: 22 for, 14 against (05 /12/17)
  • INRA: 16 for, 5 against, 3 abstentions (14/12/17)