Published on 21 July 2017
Photo de l'équipe de la startup Dann Technologies

Daan Technologies, a startup co-founded by a graduate from Université Paris-Saclay, has just won the 2017 French Tech Diversity competition. The prize will help accelerate the launch of the company’s first product: Bob, an ultra-compact, smart, environmentally-friendly dishwasher for young city-dwellers.

The fastest, most compact dishwasher in the world, soon to be on the market! 

Whoever you are, if you don't like washing the dishes, Daan Technologies is a name to remember. It's the startup behind Bob, the fastest, most compact dishwasher in the world. Bob is a compendium of technology—connected, ecological and economical—and  will be especially suitable for students and young professionals with small kitchens and a small budget. But Bob is also trendy, customizable, and smart; an electronic companion that adapts to the user’s behavior.

Daan Technologies, a team coached by the Université Paris-Saclay PEPITE

Daan Technologies is currently a four-person team:

  • Damian Py (CentraleSupelec graduate), electronic development,
  • Antoine Fichet (Novancia Business School graduate), partnerships and business development,
  • Jingwei Xiao (Arts et Métiers ParisTech graduate), mechanical engineering and design,
  • Lancelot Bourgeois (EHDEC Business school), communication.

Damian benefits from support from PEIPS, the Université Paris-Saclay student entrepreneurship network,  through the student-entrepreneur certificate (D2E). Besides a network and the opportunity to make valuable contacts, D2E has given him the chance to develop his project for a year, as well as valuable support on legal issues and the strategic management of intellectual property. A finalist for the Prix PEPITE - Springboard for Student Entrepreneurship in 2016, Daan Technologies is having another go this year and hopes its promise to free urbanites from the dishes will earn it a winning spot.

The French Tech competition: a real boost for young startups

The French Tech Diversity award, including a €45k grant and a year of support, means Daan Technologies will be able to launch Bob under ideal conditions; it will be incubated at Usine IO, near Station F.

What’s next?

Apartment-dwellers will be able to say goodbye to dishwashing by hand soon, when Bob comes up for pre-sale on Kickstarter for less than €200. Pre-orders of Bob will be delivered in 2018.

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