Published on 27 March 2018
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The web-series “Crazy Grammar” is back with a new episode making fun of typical French grammatical mistakes when speaking English. Don’t get us wrong! Crazy Grammar is not intended to mock the French. This is a humorous way for the Université Paris-Saclay to convince its French students of the importance of taking English classes.

Crazy Grammar: how grammar may influence your everyday life!

Each episode of the web-series illustrates a typical mistake made by non-native English speakers through a funny situation, such as a date or a job interview. They demonstrate that a tiny error in tense, structure, expression, or pronunciation can have unexpected, embarrassing or even disastrous consequences.

Episode #2: a romantic date gets weird

The second episode of Crazy Grammar takes place in the middle of a date between an English-speaking woman and a French-speaking man. The latter repeatedly uses the same English  grammar mistake leading to misunderstandings that will become more and more uncomfortable for our poor gentleman!


Episode #1: a failed job interview

The first video, called "The Candidate", follows a job interview where the accent becomes the focus, rather than the candidate’s skills. The candidate is creating confusing misinterpretations caused by his accent and the ‘h’ and ‘s’ regularly forgotten.


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“Don’t miss your English class!”

Each episode ends on this baseline “don’t miss your English class!”. Indeed, the web-series Crazy Grammar is using clichés to make fun of the typical mistakes made by the French when speaking in English. This is a humorous way of making students aware of the importance of accurate English usage. As a student or member of the Université Paris-Saclay’s community, you can benefit from a large set of languages learning tools. Even if you are an English native speaker, you can help a non-English-native to improve his/her English skills, and at the same time improve your French!

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