Published on 30 January 2019

This year, Université Paris-Saclay will welcome 1,000 new doctoral candidates, to initiate doctoral projects in all areas of research from September 2019 onwards.

They will receive funding from various sources - doctoral contracts financed by ministerial endowment to HE members of Université Paris-Saclay, by the IDEX or LABEX, by research contracts, CIFRE or FUI contracts, contracts from research organisations, grants from foreign governments, etc.

All are recruited according to a process, both adjusted to the funding track and the doctoral school, backed by common principles and objectives, derived from the European Charter and supported by Université Paris-Saclay and each of its member institutions. Ambition, scientific risk-taking and an interdisciplinary approach to research subjects are encouraged.

250 of these doctoral contracts will be funded by higher education institutions that are members of Université Paris-Saclay from their "ministerial" endowment and selected through the competitions of the doctoral schools.

The doctoral college of Université of Paris-Saclay published, on 29 January 2019, the call for applications for these 250 doctoral contracts and their distribution among the doctoral schools, the goals and terms and conditions of this competition, eligibility and evaluation criteria, common to all the doctoral schools or specific to each doctoral school.