Published on 11 June 2018
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Affiche Comète Film Festival

And the winner is… "Someone Else"! A short movie made by Alexandre Degardin which tells the story of Titus Gandy, the “Naked Black Cowboy”. Alexandre Degardin thus wins the prize of the “Best Foreign Language Film” awarded in partnership with the Université Paris-Saclay's Languages and Interculturality mission (LINkS).

Affiche du film Someone ElseThe ‘Comète Film Festival’ aims to distinguish young international film directors in Paris

The category « Best Foreign Language Film » is one of the many prizes awarded for the Comète Film Festival organized by Telecom ParisTech’s student club ‘Comète’. The festival rewards the best short films made by international youth (under 30’s) in Paris.

The "Best Foreign Language Film" prize supported by Université Paris-Saclay

The initiative is supported by Université Paris-Saclay through its Languages and Interculturality mission (LINkS). The latter works on enhancing language learning, taking into account interculturality and multilingualism. The students and more globally the Université Paris-Saclay’s community have access to a set of learning resources to practise one of the 14 foreign languages taught at Université Paris-Saclay.

Someone Else: the story of the “Naked Black Cowboy"

Many of you voted for the best foreign language film category! Thanks to your votes and the public vote, “Someone Else” by Alexandre Degardin won the prize at the Comète Film Festival award ceremony on June 9th.

The movie tells the story of Titus Gandy, a young African-American man who comes from Atlantic City to New York wanting to become ”somebody else”. Following his meetings with the “Naked Cowboy” at Times Square, he finds he has become the “Naked Black Cowboy”.



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