Published on 16 April 2018
Photo des fondateurs de Clickup

Financing projects by contributing with time rather than with money: this is the innovative idea of Clickup, a startup created by students of Université Paris-Saclay.

What is Clickup?

Have you ever visited crowdfunding platforms and / or NGO and non-governmental organization sites? Seen full of projects that interest you without being able to contribute for different reasons? This is the finding that is behind the startup Clickup. Its creators had the idea to add a button on the page of projects of platforms and sites partner of Clickup. By clicking this button, you only need to view the advertisement for about 30 seconds and confirm your donation. You can even share your action on your own social networks to bring more donations. According to Clickup, it's a way of "doing useful and social advertising."

A highly motivated team!

Jules and Thibault are both student-entrepreneurs at the Université Paris-Saclay and benefit from the support of PEPITE PEIPS (the entrepreneurship service of the university) to support them in their development of the startup. They partnered with a developer, Guilhaume, 1 month ago. Each member of the Clickup team has additional educational training that helps them move forward with harmony and determination.

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